For the first time since I earnestly began monitoring my health and weight since October with the intent of losing weight and improving my overall health, I had a setback: I gained weight back. It was not a tremendous amount. I did not need to buy new clothes, did not need to consider medication, did not need to make any unexpected, huge adjustments, but it was still a bit demoralizing.

Now, to be fair, this latest attempt is not the first to get my health in check; it just has been the most successful to this point. In the past, whenever I hit such an obstacle in the process, I would backtrack, immensely. Usually, I would just kind of throw in the towel, stop exercising with any regularity, and jump back into bad eating habits resulting in weight gain beyond initial starting process.

This time around was different. I was, obviously, disappointed but didn’t give up. I took a moment, observed the circumstances, figured out what didn’t go according to plan, and reset myself. It was an interesting development compared to past actions, and I think having been more conscious and cogent of my actions and goals actually helped. I took a day off and went back on my exercise schedule without resorting back to less than ideal eating habits.

Overall, the last few months of physical, mental, and spiritual (for lack of a better term) have been very helpful in managing my expectations, results, and adjusting when necessary. Not saying it has been easy, but even with the setbacks and obstacles that have arisen, I don’t feel like giving up, nor do I feel like my goals are now some insurmountable mountain off in the distance.

Consistency, discipline, and effort, if done and used correctly, actually work? Who would have guessed? (Obvious sarcasm marker because it is the internet)

Basically, at the end of the day, setbacks suck, but they will happen. Response to those obstacles are what matter. Keep going to the best of your abilities and keep trying to

-Be Better

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