It’s Been Awhile…

Welp, long time no see/hear/read, I guess…

Like, a lot of people, I had several plans and goals for this year. There were plans, outlines, schedules made, etc., etc., and, as I am sure for many, one of Steinbeck’s seminal works proved true as it is wont to do. I wish I could say there was some great upheaval or something, but, in reality, what happened was simply life.

Work and living through an ongoing pandemic kind of got in the way of what I had planned for the year along with, frankly, just not really knowing what to do. The major setback was this site and updating. Of course, now that I am aware of this setback, I need to rectify it by actively engaging with this idea and site far more than I have been. With that in mind, I need to center and focus what I want this to be, so while I have not reached what I wanted to do with this, I have a better concept of what needs to be done to meet the goals I set.

On the bright side, I have actually kept up, so far, with other goals I set for this year. I have read several books on various topics from diverse authors. I engaged with more diverse media from Black, Brown, Asian, and various artists across the spectrum. My finances are in a better position than they were at the start of the year. I have managed to lose weight, gain some muscle, and have overall improved my physical health. Obviously, there is more improvement to be made and had, but I have managed to keep most of my promises to myself, thus far.

So, now is the time to access, learn, redirect, and move forward for future evolution and development. And as always,

Be Better.

P.S. If it weren’t for potential DMCA and copyright issues, I would have put Staind’s “It’s Been Awhile” as background music on this post.

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