Sometimes It’s All We Get…

It has been a hell of a week for many in the United States. I am/was lucky that while in a state that declared an emergency, my friends, family, and myself were left relatively unscathed. The worst of it was temporary power and internet loss, but no property damage nor loss of life which is a blessing in any capacity, especially when compared to the tragedy and devastation others have passed through.

Suffice to say, this year has not been going as many had planned or hoped for. While there are undoubtable improvements over 2020, 2021 has come with its own hardships and surprises, and it has only been two months. Frankly, at times it is damn near impossible to just even get out of bed, and that is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes, surviving is the biggest accomplishment we can claim, but damn if it is not a significant one because not everyone can claim it.

So, if during an ongoing, year long global pandemic with a “once in a lifetime” snowstorm barraging the American South and financial recession/depression circumstances popping up, the most you can do is wake up and try to get through the day, take the “win” and splurge, if you can, for the better cup of coffee and grab that glazed or cream filled donut. Let’s face it, the world has drastically changed, and it is unclear what the new normal reality will eventually be. Accordingly, it is difficult to plan for the future and progress on your path because of an unclear, ever changing landscape of what the world is and will be.

I’m not saying don’t plan or act. However, if you find yourself losing steam or taking more time to do things, even stuff you enjoy, don’t take it too hard or punish yourself unnecessarily. This, all of this, will pass, someday. Until then, maybe the best we can do is simply make it to the next day, and that is more than enough.

As well, the last few weeks have shown that the only real change, aid, and hope we can depend on will come from ourselves. So, if you can, please donate time, money, resources to the multitude of organizations that are helping those who have lost homes, loved ones, food, water, etc. Really this is the most immediate action you can take to help and to…

Be Better.

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