Acknowledgement and Learning

Today is February 1st. It is the second month of the year, and, accordingly, the second month for you to continue the work you have chosen to do this year for yourself. Maybe you are continuing a workout program. Or switching to a new routine. Maybe you have a few books you want or need to get through. Perhaps, you are even writing your own novel this year. Maybe you are starting your journey this month and taking the first steps toward your future. Whatever goals you have set on your own path of growth and enlightenment, keep working toward their completion. You have plenty of time left in this year, in this decade, and far beyond that.

February is an interesting month. For many across the world, it holds celebrations of camaraderie, friendship, and love. However, February also happens to be a month of significant awareness and acknowledgement. In the United States of America, February is Black History Month. And in the UK, February marks LGBT History Month.

The words Black History Month written over a blacked out silhouette of the United States of America.

Now, these awareness months were originally meant to highlight, and go in depth, specific Black and LGBT historical figures and moments that should have been discussed in the standard history classes and discussions that were supposed to be happening. Obviously, that is hardly the case, as what usually happens is that all the Black and LGBT history that is taught is shoved into the corresponding awareness months and rarely discussed outside of those given time frames.

So, in the spirit and intention of this site and year, let’s take the time to delve into and learn from these communities and people. Seriously, this month try to find the voices from these groups and lend them your ears and time. Watching something on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or your streaming service of choice? Find the films and shows from Black and LGBT voices centered around their stories and watch them. Prefer books? There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing stories and works from every genre written by Black authors and by LGBT authors. Read them. Any type of fiction or non-fiction you may like, I guarantee you they have written. Music more your style? C’mon, Black and LGBT people pretty much created or influence virtually every major genre and musical movement. You would actually have to put in more work to not find their work.

Image is of color paints arranged to match the LGBT Pride flag.
Photo by Steve Johnson on

Not an entertainment fan? Doesn’t matter. Whatever you are into: finance, politics, history, activism, etc., there is a worthy Black and/or LGBT voice in that field that is doing the work and advancing a perspective or viewpoint that is probably not getting the attention it deserves. Go find them. Patronize them with your time, attention, platform and, if possible, money. More importantly, use this month as a starting point and continue to support and learn about/from these communities and groups after this month has passed.

So, that is the challenge or goal for this month. Find Black and LGBT voices. Listen. Watch. Learn. Engage (respectfully). Support. With that in mind, drop some suggestions down below. Which artists should be read, viewed, listened to, etc. this month? Political and social voices and movements? Suggestions for things I have not thought of or mentioned. Please, leave a comment down below, so that we can all engage and attempt to…

Be Better.

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