Time…What We Make Of It

Wow, if last year showed how slow time can be, then this year is poised to do the exact opposite. An insurrection, inauguration, vaccine distribution and rollout finally making headway, new virus variants emerging, celebrity scandals, political scandals, financial scandals, billions lost and gained in a (legal?) massive market manipulation: all this, so much more, and January has not yet even passed. If this is any indication of what is to come, 2021 is not playing around and going full blown from the onset. Still, the question is, in these ridiculous early days what have you managed to accomplish?

Because that is the rub, right? Even with everything that has happened and will continue to occur, we still made plans, declared goals, and are still solely responsible for our own actions and progress. Maybe your plans were derailed a bit already. Maybe you are perfectly set and still going. You may have hit a wall already on that reading goal. Or stalled on learning that new skill. Or writing that book. Screenplay. Pilot. Starting that podcast. Maybe all you have accomplished so far this year is just surviving the shit that is going on in the world. And you know what, that is enough.

Progress is progress, and, as annoying at times as it may be, the journey of growth and evolution is continuous. Wherever you are on that path, just keep going. We all miss a workout, eat a pizza instead of a salad, miss a deadline, and fall short in some way even if it is just of our own expectations. So what? Who cares? Just keep going. Whatever goal you had for this year has just started. There are still 11 months left worth of time for you to make choices, act, and work toward whatever you want or need.

Sand falling through a closed hand. A watch on said hand with the face shown to viewer.
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Will you complete every single goal you put forth? Honestly, I don’t know. You might. You might not. But, again, progress is progress. If you only lost 10 pounds instead of the 30 you wanted to, that is still 10 pounds. Only wrote 20,000 words instead of the 50,000 you set. Guess what? That is still 20K more than you had before. Take solace in the small victories. Fortify yourself and your ego with the progress you made and continue to make.

I didn’t accomplish everything I set out for this month, but there is still time. And I checked more off my list than I left on. So, I will enjoy that. Pick myself up, dust off, and keep going. I hope you do the same, and that we all do all we can to…

Be Better

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