Humans are social creatures by nature. The whole “lone wolf” theory or mystique was, and is, an idiotic marketing ploy that greatly, and purposely, misunderstood the research and nature of the animals and systems that were being studied. This is not a new phenomenon. Think of any history lesson or story you have been told or learned of. They all, virtually, focused on a single individual, or at best a group of specific people, instead of the masses that actually enabled the change, event, or movement that is discussed.

Black King piece standing while surrounded by fallen or laid down white chess pieces.
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Of course, that is not to say that individuals are not worthy of discussion or interest, but that solely focusing on an individual’s contribution is detrimental to fully understanding history and how change truly happens. The best general in history was nothing without the armies amassed. The greatest teacher was nothing without students to learn and dispense the knowledge they held to the world. Any leader worth their salt was nothing without the support, instruction, and guidance of their family, friends, colleagues, and community.

We all need a community, and if we are lucky, we will be part of several throughout our lives. At times, these groups we claim as our own and a part of will intersect, cross over, and disagree. We might leave behind some of these groups just as we grow out of clothes or homes that no longer quite provide what we need. Others, like close friends, we will hold close for the entirety of our lives. Thus is the nature of community: it ebbs and flows, grows and shrinks, keeps us honest and stable just as we attempt to do the same for it.

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Which brings it all back to one of the primary reasons I started this site: community. I want to change and make changes this year: physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, basically in all aspects of life. As well, I want to be of help and aid to others while figuring out how to evolve and grow. In order to do so, I need help, guidance, and accountability, or in simpler terms, I would greatly benefit from community.

So, I humbly ask any and all readers for some aid. What resources do you recommend for physical activity, mental health, financial guidance, etc.? Podcasts? Social Accounts? YouTube series? Writers? Blogs? What steps have you taken that worked to improve your lives? Which didn’t necessarily pan out? Really, I welcome any suggestions and hope that you’ll stick around as we, hopefully, figure out how to…

Be Better.

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