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So, goals have been declared. You know what you want to accomplish. You might even have an endgame to your journey, but what is next? What are the tangible steps to take to actually make progress on the aspirations we have stated. For me these are the first steps in reclaiming my health.

P90x workout video series cover
P90 X

First off, started P90X home workout. Gyms are still a not safe hot zone (seriously, you should not be going to gyms. If you are STOP!); thus, been doing home workouts with the occasional outdoor run (more on that later). At this point, I am at week 3 of the Classic workout. I enjoy the structure of daily workouts with an explicit timeframe and activity to perform. Some are less preferred than others (still not a fan of YogaX), but I see the purpose and benefit of the exercises. I do not expect my body to undergo an extensive and “incredible” transformation at the end of the 90 days; however, it is a starting point with a clear end that can be built upon.

Zombies Run app imagery with several phone screen grabs showing Abel Township, Stats for run, and tracking a run data.
Zombies Run app

I hate running. Genuinely, I cannot understand the whole “runner’s mentality” and am pretty sure that “runner’s high” is some sort of Stockholm Syndrome bullshit people tell themselves to keep up the charade of enjoying running. Basically, I find running to be the worst form of cardio/exercise and would rather do just about anything else.

That being said, I can see the obvious benefit and pros of running. It is one of the few activities that can be done virtually anywhere under most conditions. It conditions stamina and cardiovascular system. It strengthens and tones calves and legs. Frankly, yes, running is, overall, a positive form of exercise; still absolutely hate it. Accordingly, I use the Zombies, Run! app to motivate my running. It’s a fun, narrative based running app that tracks steps, time spent running, average speed, and other statistics for each run.

It is, honestly, the only way I can make myself run. Like, I understand all the health benefits that come with running, but I will, probably, never be that person who wakes up and decides to go for a run for enjoyment. On the other hand putting a few more steps to outrun some zombies and obtain much needed supplies for Abel settlement, well, that is something I can do.

Breath: A 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene logo showing a yellow sun between two clouds under the word Breath.
Yoga with Adriene

As much as I am not a fan of running, yoga is on a whole other level of discomfort. I do not know what it is about extended stretching and holding positions that does not seem to meld with my body. However, like running, I can see the benefits of the activity. As such, I began a 30 day program (Yoga with Adriene) at the start of January. While I sincerely doubt I will be converting a “yogi” any time soon, I have already noticed more flexibility and tolerance in my body.

So, I have not always been the most physically active person, but the above is a guide to attempt to mitigate that. As well, to try to build a path to physical fitness that will last beyond the month, season, year, etc. All in all, a methodology to be healthy and physically

Be Better

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