Goals Part Deux


Woman counting several twenty dollar bills in her hands

Money makes the world go round. Or so the saying goes. Frankly, it is both true and not. Yeah, I know the whole lack of concrete or dual answers is really annoying, but it is also accurate.

Money, in all its forms of currency, is useful. Outside of very specific circumstances, it is how most of us are able to obtain food, shelter, clothing, and the few luxuries we can allow ourselves. It is, by far, not a perfect system, but it is the one we currently have. And changing anything requires an understanding of it.

I am by no means advocating for chasing money or pursuing success through monetary means alone, but being financially secure is a boon we could all benefit from. Thus, I want to figure out how to improve my personal financial situation to have a better life for myself, family, and community. Because having financial stability allows for planning, taking risks, and, yes, providing more aid.


Diverse group of people sitting down and listening to a woman speak

While money is good for helping, it is not the only means. Which is where the other major part of this project comes into play: building a community.

We are all part of a group; in fact, we all most likely belong to several groups that interact, grow, and change, both because and in spite of us. Even so, we are hardwired to be social creatures, and we need these communities to be the best versions of ourselves.

So, this year, I want to figure out my true communities. To find them, help them, build them.

So, this is the second part of my goals for this year, and beyond. The first part was personal. This is the more community based. These are the hopes that will guide me for the next year. I will most likely fail or fall short at some point, but change only comes through work, obstacle, and perseverance. Here’s to change and the chance to

Be Better.

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