Change is everlasting, ever occurring. Evolution and growth don’t really end; at least, not until death, and, to be fair, no one can be truly certain of what lies beyond that checkpoint. Still, having a metric upon which to measure growth is useful, and, at times, necessary. So, what are some goals, and in some perspective challenges, for this year?


Screen shot of personal physical statistics ranging from current weight to BMI to Bone Mass and so on.

These are my current physical stats.

They are not great, but that is one of my personal goals for this year: to finally improve my physical well being and get my body under some level of control.

My family has a not great relationship or past with health. That is the primary reason why I know I need to change my own. However, there is definitely a vanity component which, frankly, is not the worst reason to want change; as long as it does not become a debilitating obsession.

With that knowledge, I am seeing a nutritionist, starting a workout program, and studying both nutrition and physical science to see what works best for me. In fact, by the time this is posted, I will have already been doing these things for several weeks.

As with most things, starting and consistency is key.


Scrabble letter tiles spelling out the word anxiety

Mental health is always something I have struggled with in the past; mostly because I am unsure of what it is, how to measure it, or how to go about addressing any potential deficiencies.

That will change this year through research, study, experimentation, and seeking help. I am unclear as to what “good” mental health looks like, but I intend to find out this year.


Stones stacked on top of one another to form a tower near an ocean shore

Spirituality, at least here, is not meant to be a specific religion or belief system.

While, probably again like most, I was raised under a specific religious edict in my earlier years, I questioned the legitimacy and morality of those beliefs from nearly the onset for a myriad of reasons. Still, I see the significance, use, and power of belief and ritual.

In essence, I want to find that semblance of strength without the baggage and weight that many religious systems carry. Not sure what that will look like, but isn’t that the point of discovery?

Mind, Body, Soul. A seemingly simple trifecta, yet finding balance between the three is a journey with perhaps no end, as it should be. Change is constant. Whether that change is positive or negative is where our actions and choices come into play.

This site, these declarations, these goals are an attempt to pivot personal change toward positivity. A first, but most definitely not last, step to:

Be Better

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