Better Late Than Never

I had plans. I had lists, diagrams, charts. I got started early. And then life happened. I realized I was lacking some skills to get done what I wanted. I got backtracked with work, family, relationships, responsibilities that delayed my actions. All in all, like with any new venture, shit happened, and I was not able to launch when I planned to.

But, honestly, so what? We all had plans, undoubtedly for the year 2020. I, for sure, did, and, like most, those were utterly upturned with the pandemic, social and civil unrest, protests, economic setbacks, and well *gestures around to indicate ENTIRE WORLD events*. And, again probably like most, I saw the New Year as an opportunity to make resolutions and promises to change, grow, evolve, and finally figure stuff out. Unfortunately, a new year, new season, new day is utterly meaningless.

Don’t get me wrong. There is something oddly refreshing and empowering about a shared new period or experience. It’s why so many celebrate a new year or season across cultures and regions whenever they happen, but, ultimately, any change, any REAL change, is a series of choices that go far beyond the luster of the NEW. Which is what this project is at its core: a choice.

For myself, it is a choice to learn, to write, to hold myself accountable to my desire and choice to improve. For you, it is, hopefully, a choice to read, listen, and, potentially, learn yourself. And perhaps through that exchange grow a community that strives to improve and evolve themselves and their communities.

In essence, it is a choice to try to:

Be Better.

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